Our Process

Since 2015 we have been making high quality Ammunition on our state of the art loading machines. Until 2023 we have been supporting shops that travel for gun shows, private labeling for other Ammunition manufactures and contract loading. We have now scaled up our production capacities to allow us to manufacture and sell our ammunition to the general public at our wholesale price. 


How we do it

  1. We sort and inspect all once-fired brass
  2. After a sort all of our brass goes into a wet acid wash and is polished dry by heated corncob
  3. Next our brass heads to a Camdex ten station case processor that checks for splits or cracks, deprimes the case, checks primer pocket, swages primer pocket (which eliminates military crimp), and then the final size
  4. Our brass then heads back into a second wash with a special burnishing compound to give it a like new finish
  5. After our second wash our brass heads to our state of the art Alpha priming machine. Pre priming our brass allows us to hold a tighter tolerance on seating depth and minimize defects in the manufacturing process.
  6. Our primed brass then heads to our commercial loading machines where we load it with powder, and a projectile
  7. After loading all rounds are hand-inspected and then placed in a SAAMI Spec Chamber Check gauge, reducing the chances of jams, misfires, feeding problems, and other malfunctions caused by out-of-spec ammo